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Strategy is a sexy word which adds different dimension of importance and value to the statement that we use it in, and when an organization uses the word strategy on any document or meeting, it gives the impression of deep thoughts and forward thinking.  Nevertheless, when it comes to the execution and results review, all strategy formulation problems float on the surface and the organization end-up dumping their strategy or fudging the results and recreating another strategy worse than the one before.

Many writers, authors, strategists, researchers, consultants and others wrote about “What is Strategy?”, ” How to implement…” , “Bridging the Gap …”, “Market … Competition”, “CEO Challenges” , others wrote about “how to optimize strategies “and ” … competitive advantage” or the green field or the blue ocean ….etc.

In the period that Einstein was active as a professor, one of his students came to him and said: “The questions of this year’s exam are the same as last year!” “True.” Einstein said, “but this year all answers are different.”

Certainly we’ll not be writing a typical strategy management blogs but we want to answer all your questions about strategy and cover the essentials that you need to know in new, simple, quick way and in a visual format.

This blog and series of blogs will come soon from our society SEAS”will give you new perspective to look at organization strategy and the way it should be conducted by looking through different lenses to compose the right view of the future and connect the missing dots to face emerging challenges.

“Concepts, resources, frameworks, researches, videos, tools and templates will be shared on our website exclusively with our members on SEAS on LinkedIn”

Looking at today’s challenges and traditional strategic planning and management concepts, we will find that they are no longer applicable and requires deep look to validate it against today’s circumstances.

The current elements that effect any organization strategy (Market, Customers, Products, Competition regional, global…etc.) are very dynamic and constantly changing. Therefore, focusing on the main components or building blocks that shape all kinds of strategies regardless of the nature of the organizations (for Profit or Non- Profit) and the industries that these organizations operate in remains the key factor for shaping organization’s strategy.

Our online society on LinkedIn SEAS complement this blog and future blogs (and plays integral role in it’s development as you will discover later). Since strategy as atopic is rapidly evolving, you may want to go beyond essentials, discover more, use tools and participate in real business cases. Please consider joining our global society of business practitioners, professionals and researchers who created  “STRATEGY & ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE SOCIETY”. On the SEAS page on LinkedIn you can participate in discussions about strategy, enterprise architecture, change management and corporate & IT governance. Learn from others’ experience, insights and enjoy provided resources by our moderators. Visit

“We hope you enjoy participating and using our resources as we’ve enjoyed creating it.”

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