Vision without Execution is just Hallucination!

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Over the last five years I have had many opportunities to work with senior executives, across all market verticals, helping them to undertake business transformation exercise.  One common challenge these executives have shared with me is their frustration with failure to deliver on their vision due to the major disconnect between vision and execution. 

Business visions such as, creating differentiation in customer experience, enriching citizens life, to become top ten enterprises in specific market vertical, the largest Islamic financial institution in the region and the market leader in respective market verticals is not uncommon.  However, very rarely if ever one is educated on the next execution tasks enterprises need to perform  to realize their vision.  There are many contributing factors to this challenge including, complexity of the organization, complex technology platform. huge data spread across multiple systems and lack of end-to-end process visibility and ownership.

The realization of vision may require inducing changes across multiple layers of enterprise. The KPIs, business processes, organizational structure, information, applications and technology may need to transformed in parallel as a result of successful vision realization. For example, an enterprise may want to enhance customer experience by reducing the transaction time.  This may require one or all of the following: process optimization, organization delegation, applications enhancement, data reengineering and network upgrade.

Enterprise architecture provides a medium that helps to fill the gap between vision and execution by formally capturing critical assets and resources and establishing logical relationship between these elements. Providing valuable tool to senior executive in helping to identify execution tasks that would need to be performed in order to realize the vision.  Furthermore impact of carrying out each task would be visible through well-engineered enterprise architecture. Therefore helping vision realization through solid execution.

Author: Dr. Tariq Aslam

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