ABM Case Study Situational Analysis Update

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The SEAS’ Consulting team participating in the ABM Health Check Engagement Simulation completed its Situation Analysis phase.  The team worked diligently across the three streams of Strategy & Innovation, Enterprise Architecture, and Change Management to examine, analyze, collate, and document its findings.

The team used Kepner-Tregoe’s Situation Analysis (SA) method to complete the analysis of all issues and enumerated 53 major issues which translated into 73 clarified concerns.  The 73 concerns were further rationalized (eliminating redundancies and consolidating issues with single action to resolve) into 51 specific and prioritized concerns classified by priority, importance, & growth.  Each of the individual streams: Innovation & Strategy, Enterprise Architecture, and Change Management were pegged against these 51 concerns specifying which stream, or practice, leads the resolution of the concern and which streams, or practices, receive the analysis to complete its downstream work.

As an example, one of the 51 specific concerns was:

“Production Schedules/Forecasts are not used during sales cycle for new commitments.”

This concern was prioritized as Seriousness (H), Urgency (H), Growth Trend (Increasing).  It was then assigned to  Business Architecture (EA) to lead its resolution.  The output of this effort will feed the Change Management team to work on the People aspect of resolving this concern such as Training & Communication.  Finally Technology Architecture (EA) will be the recipient of the output from Business Architecture & Change Management team to define the target Architecture for addressing this concern.

In the coming few weeks the three streams will complete their analysis of the top concerns and develop the associated roadmaps.  Once that phase completes the consulting team will work on consolidating the deliverables into one body of work that rationalizes the analysis and proposes one roadmap as an output of the Health Check engagement.

The consulting team will be posting their individual updates in the coming week to share with the society their findings and experience thus far with the case study.

Stay tuned for progress as we continue our journey in solving ABM’s Business problems.

Fadi Hindi

Author: Fadi Hindi

Fadi is an Executive Leader with a proven track record of bringing large Transformation Programs to the market and providing thought leadership globally in the areas of Innovation & Strategic Planning. He has over 22 years of experience across multiple industries including Financial Services, Consumer Products, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, & Government (Federal & State). Span of Expertise include Management Consulting, Executive Management, Executive Board Advisor, Organizational Change Management, & Business Development. He founded the Strategy & Enterprise Architecture Society (SEAS) Inc. a not-for-profit organization incorporated near the Research Triangle Park (RTP) area in Raleigh, NC. Fadi won numerous awards including the Forrester/InfoWorld/Penn State University EA 2013 Global Award, CIO20 award, He is also a public speaker at global conferences including Gartner, Forrester, ID World, Gitex, & others.

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