About Us

We believe organizations can become competitive and grow if they commit themselves to correctly do the things that matter most.  We also believe in an open and unbiased R&D community that shares practical experiences and debates issues to provide valuable insights in the areas of Innovation, Strategy, Enterprise Architecture, and Change Management.

Our society is constantly researching how to best align Innovation, Strategy, Enterprise Architecture, and Change Management practices to provide a recipe for success.  We provide a platform for open collaboration between Subject Matter Experts, Industry Leaders, and Educational Institutions that helps improve knowledge and outcomes for those involved.

 “Professional growth takes off when one commits to help others.”

 Who we are?

The Strategy & Enterprise Architecture Society (SEAS) is a non-profit organization incorporated near the Research Triangle Park (RTP) in Raleigh North Carolina, USA.

The society disseminates practical knowledge and research through its digital channels.  Our published research includes Case Studies, Research Blogs, and Industry Reports.  We have several committees that work on distilling and publishing practical knowledge and best practices to all participating society members.  We leverage LinkedIn to offer a discussion group for members to ask questions and get expert advice with problems  they face on their daily jobs.

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SEAS Inc. collaboration channels:



Primary Published Research Website www.bluelighthouse.org
LinkedIn Group http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Strategy-Enterprise-Architecture-Society-4318177/about
Twitter Feed @SEASociety
RSS Feed http://bluelighthouse.org/feed/
Published Case Studies Apple iBookstore

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Management Team

  • Fadi  Hindi, Founder & Chairman of the Advisory Board
  •  Iyad Hindi, VP of Operations & Advisory Board Secretary

Advisory Board Members

  • Regine Deleu
  • Dima Khatib