Society’s Guidelines

General Rules

These guidelines & rules are designed to ensure SEAS is both inspiring and enriching to all its members.  They come down to common sense, courtesy, respect and professional conduct.  By requesting and accepting membership in SEAS, you agree to abide by these guidelines.

As a SEAS member, you shall:

  1. Contribute to ongoing discussions only when you believe that your contribution will be meaningful and will further the exchange of knowledge.
  2. Be mindful and accepting of all members’ contributions and will always stand in a well-mannered position during an exchange off or a debate on a subject.
  3. Avoid all comments that could be interpreted as being derogatory, insulting, inflammatory, harassing, humiliating or disrespectful towards others.
  4. Avoid research misconduct, defined as fabrication, falsification, or plagiarism.
  5. Avoid the use of inappropriate language.
  6. Respect copyrights.  Give credit where it’s due, if needed, clearly quote sources and authors of substantial work or intellectual property.
  7. Respect other online communities

We may update these guidelines from time to time and recommend that you check back regularly to stay updated.

Intellectual Property Rights

Our Society holds Intellectual Property Rights very seriously.

We expect all moderators and members to exercise good judgement and give credit to substantial work quoted or referenced in their research and comments.  Moderators and members are ultimately responsible for their posts and participation.  The SEAS society will not monitor the content of each blog and post to ensure compliance and hence the responsibility resides with members.

All members must behave ethically and uphold the Society’s guidelines listed above.

Should you find any gross misconduct or violation of these guidelines please inform the society on the following email address:

Consequences of Offenses

Should there be grounds for gross misconduct, the society will contact the member and inform them to rectify their post.  If the member does not take corrective action, they will be blocked and their posts will be deleted.